So you’d like to know more about me? I’m flattered!

I began writing as a serious pursuit roughly 10 years ago. But my writing didn’t really gain traction until roughly two years ago when I discovered writer’s critique groups. Finding others who knew what they were doing, and willing to teach me, made all the difference.

After a long and dreary learning curve, I eventually wrote a trilogy, now known as the Celestial Downfall Series. It took me another handful of years to tear it apart down to the bones and revise revise REVISE until it finally became something I was ready to publish. Now, Fallen to Grace, the debut novel in the trilogy, released November 2016 and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I love everything about writing. I take it seriously and it is undoubtedly a huge passion in my life. I’m continually trying to learn and grow, which is why I spend so much time teaching others what I’ve learned here on this blog and in my writing guide. I feel if I can explain a concept, I can feel confident that I’ve truly mastered it.

A great way to grow as a writer is to focus on short stories, so when I’m not working on novels or this blog, I’m writing and submitting flash and short stories to literary magazines. You can enjoy my work in the July 2016 and January 2017 editions of Bards and Sages Quarterly, a print and online flash-focused literary magazine. I plan on adding a lot more credentials to that list!

As for myself personally, I reside in Detroit Michigan with my Dutch husband and darling Blue Russian Kitty named Mina. I occasionally travel to Japan to design automotive structure parts for Toyota. I love my job, and its demands can take me away from my writing, but in those quiet moments I always find my way back full of new experiences to fuel my imagination.

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